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The Ministry of Social Action exists to serve people in need. In Theopolis we believe that a church committed to celebrating life in community is a church committed to loving others. We are passionate about service, so we look for new opportunities to help.

Your contribution to the Ministry of Social Action (M.A.S.) impacts different projects we currently are working on

Select "One Time" to make the $ 10 contribution once or "Monthly" to make the monthly contribution.


Puerto Rico Earthquake Damnified

We have been working with several churches and organizations to provide supplies to different communities in the southwest area of Puerto Rico.

Psychological Services

This initiative provides psychological services to more than 170 student parents and employees of the Theopolis Christian Academy school community. Your contribution will help us extend these services to shelters and communities affected by recent earthquakes.

Community Outreach

Our community reach is not limited to our area and region. We support churches and non-profit organizations with voluntary and financial human resources aimed at reaching people in crisis

Construction Project in Peñuelas

This initiative seeks to provide a space for the storage of supplies in the facilities of IDPMI Casa Misericordia. This church provides daily help to the residents of that community.

Construction Project in Maricao

Construction of houses for people living in extreme poverty in communities at Maricao Puerto Rico

Voluntary Chaplaincy

This initiative focuses on visiting and ministering in different Nursing Homes, Hospitals and different Government Housing Complexes for people with disabilities.

Contact Information

Luis "Tuto" Rivera 

"Tuto" has been attending our church for more than 10 years. Live passionate about service and reach people who are far from God.
Phone (787)364-7800

Cynthia Maldonado

Serving as the Emergency Relief Coordinator in our church. Cynthia also coordinates the efforts of the
CMA District of PR.
Phone (787)659-4315

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that transparency and integrity are of vital importance in all aspects of our church, and financial practices is no exception. Our commitment is to manage your donations faithfully, ethically and above all, with a lot of transparency.

Is it safe to donate to Theopolis Church?

Our first core value as a church is Point to Jesus. That means that everything we are and do points to the teachings and life of Jesus. For this reason, we adhere to high standards of biblical responsibility, board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising and proper use of charitable resources. Our financial statements are available to you, and you can always contact our Treasury team who will gladly answer your questions about our financial practices.

What is the most cost effective way to donate?

The most cost effective method to donate to Theopolis Church is the “ACH Transfer” option from your bank account. This method has the lowest processing costs, allowing us to put more of your donation to work in the ministry.

What happens when I give to Iglesia Theopolis?

When you donate to Theopolis Church, God does something amazing. He multiplies your gifts and does more with them than any of us could ask or imagine. His tithe becomes part of God's plan to provide resources to the local church to do His work here on earth. In addition, it allows you to be part of everything you are doing in your community and around the world through local and global mission partners. Remember that Jesus is not going to multiply what you are not willing to put in His hands.

Who do I contact for help with my donation?

You can send us a message via email to iglesiatheopolis@gmail.com or call us at 787-463-2463