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This is the story of Delvis ("Debbie") and Ramón, our neighbors in the La Loma community, and one of the families participating in our Food Program.
Delvis and Ramón have been devout Catholics for many years. About 3 years ago, they began to pray, asking God for direction every day. Although their hearts were hurting, their desire to seek and serve God continued.
Earlier this year, we were able to meet them through a community visit to conduct a needs questionnaire, and they were subsequently selected to participate in our Food Program.
After a few months, Delvis asked to meet with Pastor Eliud, and begin visiting Theopolis. On one occasion she told us how the food we were providing came at the right time, and how it was a great help to her and her family. Shortly after, her husband Ramón also began to participate in the Sunday services.
Delvis has expressed that she has never experienced the freedom (to worship) and the fullness that she has felt during this time. Her fire for Jesus is evident and contagious! Both have also begun to participate in our community service initiatives.

Delvis and Ramón became members of Theopolis last October, and Delvis was baptized last Sunday, November 28!
Delvis and Ramón's transformation is our dream for every family in our community. By meeting a basic, physical need, their eyes were opened to the true need in their hearts:
"One day I said to Ramón: ‘This is the first time that the pantry is so empty’. It was not the pantry that was empty, but our hearts and our spirit. The call of this great family of Theopolis was so strong that it took me to the most pleasant moment of my life. Today (the day of the baptism) has no comparison. God gave me a very precious gift and that is that Ramon told me that he wants to be baptized in March. I hope to be healed soon so I can serve better; it is what I long for the most. Thank you for everything."

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